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Why is education so important?

Children are the next generation  dog & animal owners... and we want them to be HAPPY and SUCCESSFUL! Our Kid Programs focus on teaching our youth animal husbandry & nutrition, safety, care, training and FUN. Whether through our Kamp or Klub... kids get a hands on experience with dogs and other animals that they won't find anywhere else! This gives them a great foundation of experience that will set the tone for their lives as pet owners! 


Who benefits?

Who benefits from Kids animal education? EVERYONE BENEFITS! Kids benefit as they gain knowledge, experience in a safe environment and they have FUN! The animals benefit as they get more love and interactions! Parents benefit from animal education as their kids learn, experience and have fun with TRUSTED PROFESSIONALS! 


Who teaches?

With a B.A. in Early Childhood Education, Alison Fatale takes education VERY seriously! She LOVES to teach kids and with a passion for humane education... she has taken this program from good... to AMAZING! Alison's dedication to a safe but FUN learning experience means that she integrates different activities for all learning styles and keeps kids engaged every step of the way!

All helpers and aides are subject to a background check for safety. 

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