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Board & Train with Homemade Hounds


Our Board & Train Program is designed to give our clients a "kick start" to better behavior! Whether it is working with leash manners, behavior modification, obedience, socialization or whatever your training needs are, our program can help you reach those goals quickly. 

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Our Board & Train Program is like no other... here is why! 

1. We will never deny you access to your dog while your dog is with us!!

We know some trainers say that you cannot see your dog while your dog is in a board & train program...but we don't do things that way. We want you to have the best possible experience while working with us and as trainers, we are happy for you to see your dog during their stay with us. 

2. There are many reasons for a board and train program... but it isn't for EVERYONE! 

We do not REQUIRE a board and train program in any situation. If we believe it is the best situation, we will happily tell you that but we understand that things like being away from your pet, budget, time and so on play in to the decision. There are many different ways to meet your goals and we are happy to do what is best for you and your dog! Likewise, it may NOT be the best situation in some behavior scenarios.

3. It's not just about the stay... 

Our follow up and take home plan are top notch! We consult with you throughout the Board & Train stay to make sure you understand the training techniques and get practice with trained dogs before working with your own dog. We then meet with you every few days for two weeks after to help transfer all concepts to you and fine tune behaviors for your lifestyle. 

4. You have a support system!  

Ask our current clients... It takes a village! Our clients become family! We know that overcoming problematic behaviors can sometimes be a struggle. We are here to help guide, listen and help you make the very best of your relationship with your dog! 

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