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Kids Animal Training Klub

We believe that kids are truly the future of dog training! Our Kids Training Klub is focused on teaching kids the principles of positive focused animal training over multiple species! Our Kids Klub works with all of our animals ranging from guinea pigs to horses (and OF COURSE DOGS! Our Kids Klub will learn about, interact with, learn to train and work with, safely handle and HAVE FUN with all of our animals on property throughout the course of the year. Each week is a new topic for learning and new activity with the animals! 

Not sure that your child will be "into it"? A single session is only $25! Have them come "try it out" and we know they will LOVE IT! 
Save BIG when you purchase a monthly pass! 

Kids Animal Training Klub opens January 2021!

Kids Klub meets weekly on Thursdays from 6:30pm-8pm

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