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Private Lesson & Group Class Options

Private Lessons and Group Classes are VERY effective ways to accomplish MOST training goals of pet dog owners... and have fun along the way! Read below to learn more about these options and see what may work the best for you. Most clients like to utilize a combination of both types of services. 

Private Lessons- Private lessons are a great way for clients to have tailored and customized lesson plans that are designed around THEIR PERSONAL TRAINING GOALS! Private lessons are a good service option for EVERYONE and even allows for controlled socialization within the lesson. With lessons availability 7 days a week... we can accommodate a wide range of schedules and needs! Private Lessons can be purchased separately or as part of packages for more economical options! 

Group Classes- Group Classes are a fun way to train your dog while enjoying a group setting of other great dog people! Group Classes are usually themed (see below for a list of group classes we offer) and offer a behaviorally focused and fixed curriculum! Class sets can be very easy on the budget but are also limited in availability. Safe socialization, fun curriculums and engaging classes make this a GREAT OPTION for lots of dog owners! 



    Some of the group classes

offered are:


+Basic Obedience

+Advanced Obedience

+Canine Good Citizen "prep" Courses

+ and so much more! 

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