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Horsemanship is the concerted relationship of horse to handler/rider. By creating a positive and focused bond between horse and human... you can foster confidence, inspire connection and watch the magic that trust and respect can create!




The Equine Encounter program is designed for ages 6 years and up to learn by having fun! Meet these fantastic animals as you interact with them in our pasture. The interaction is done on the ground, so you don’t have to worry if you’re not a rider! 

Meet, groom, lead and help train these animals with the support of our Horse Crew! 

Encounters are great for those who want to learn how to be around a horse safely, are nervous about being around horses... or those who simply have no interest in riding, but want to enjoy them still. 

Encounters can be arranged either per visit or as a monthly package.


Adult Horsemanship Classes are a great way to learn all of the basic fundamentals of care, grooming, leading, training concepts, riding and so much more!

Students learn via groundwork, proper communication, humane education, riding and observation. Our goal is to produce a well-rounded and confident horse handler/rider. 


This program is great for anyone who has had a previous negative experience, no experience, or just wants to truly learn how to create an amazing connection with our Equine Staff.  

Adult Horsemanship package are available via a monthly subscription plan. 



We invite Veterans, Military & First Responders to join us out at the Ranch for one of our Heroes Programs! We cherish the honor of working with our local heroes to provide a safe environment to enjoy connection and healthy relationship-building amongst the horses and the heroes.

 We put our heart and soul into teaching our students communication skills, connectivity with horses, proper leadership skills, and coping skills.


This program is great for any Hero looking to connect with horses, and a judgement free environment to learn.

To get a Hero started in one of our Programs, Please email us below.

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