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"MamaHound" has always been dedicated to giving her dogs the VERY best care... and was frustrated with some of the treat choices out there. Seeing a need for high quality, HEALTHY treats, she decided to take things into her own hands! Combining information from local vets, nutritionists and her baking skills... she created Homemade Hounds!


"PapaHound" enthusiastically came on board and has helped refine practices, lend an outside view and develope HH to the next level! When he isn't building displays or shopping equipment, you will find him in the Hound Kitchen making treats!


Who are "The Hounds"? Why, only our pack of taste testers and CEO's... (Customer Experience Officers)! These dogs inspire the Hound Kitchen to be the best it can possibly be... and give snuggles at the end of long, treat baking day!

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